With a lot of love - starting with yourself - and a big inhale of orange, you can become who you truly are.

Nicola Cloherty - doTERRA essential oils educator

With a lot of love and a sniff of oranges, you can become who you truly are.

Love to Write?

Love essential oils?

​Want to incorporate the two?

I host  in-real-life and virtual workshops that give participants the opportunity to create space to journal and free-write around a particular subjects.
We use the world's most pure, powerful and potent essential oils to tap into our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We work through stuff as a collective in an intimate and safe space.

​One of the most effective ways to support your mind and self is by writing it out!

Try it for yourself!
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Hi, I'm Nicola

We all know, life can be challenging but when we face it head on, with an open mind and heart, a little dose of love - starting with yourSELF - and an inhale of wild orange essential oil, I'm sure you'll be more you than ever before!

Hi, I'm Nicola and I am utterly passionate about giving people the space and time to tune-in to their truest self, realise their potential to confidently create a life they want!

I do so via self-love and care workshops, essential oils education and mentoring, and marketing collaboration and consultancy.

Wanna know more? Get in touch: nicola@loveandoranges.com


Join me, as we create space to learn more about how you can choose to lead a more empowered life!

Empowered & Natural Living

If you want to up-level your overall lifestyle, let's talk about how. 

I run monthly workshops, in Amsterdam, whereby you can learn the ins and outs of empowered living, and you get a special little present for attending, as well as a community of incredible humans choosing balanced health and wellbeing.

Attune to You: Aromatic Journaling 

I love this workshop because it feeds my soul so much! They say, you teach to learn twice.

We meditate, we use aromas, and we write. And if you're open to it, we then share amongst the intimate and safe circle.

In-home Workshops for your Friends & Family

I will come to your home/workplace and run a workshop on how to live an empowered life with plant-based, natural health solutions. I teach you about doTERRA essential oils, and help you understand why purity and potency is so important.

All you need to do is host it, invite your friends and family and I run the workshop. I've got a host guide that will tell you all the ins and outs. Super simple!

Interested? Drop me a line and let's get a date in the diary!

Women's Health & Hormones

Ever explored the power of aromatic anchoring to support your emotional wellbeing? Did you know there are a number of ways you can support yourself during every step of your cycle?

We talk about the science of how aromas support us, how essential oils support our female hormones, how to cycle sync, emotions and the connection between heart, brain, and gut and their effect on mood and so much more!

Are you ready to give your mind, body & soul a dose of plant-based goodness?

OK, so you've been watching me for a while. Creeping. Checking out my Instagram and Facebook. Maybe you've been to a workshop or watched one of my videos and you want in! You've decided today's the day you welcome doTERRA goodies into your life. Whoop-di-woo! You are in for a treat - a life-changing one at that. Jump onto my shop and place your order!

​“For me, nothing makes my heart more full than empowering others to live a life of their choosing - with love, balance and a tool box to do so .” - Nicola Cloherty

Create the Life you Dream of!

Did you know that you actually have a choice to create the life and abundance you so desire? 

Please don't get me wrong, building a doTERRA business isn't going to make you a million bucks over night.
It takes passion and belief in providing humans with better health and wellbeing, you yourself must choose to live an empowered and natural lifestyle, and you can't be afraid to roll your sleeves, to make the world and its people better in health and wellness.

I'm super hungry to create positive change on a global scale, are you with me? By using these tiny bottles of pure, potent goodness AND by supporting doTERRA's global supply chain of farmers, growers and artisans to provide for their communities and loved ones, we are doing just that. 

EMAIL ME: nicola@loveandoranges.com

W​hat Others Say

Mary Sobiechowski - testimonial for Nicola Cloherty


Nicola is brilliant!  I have been aware of and using essential oils for years, but now I am truly benefiting by using them almost daily thanks to Nicola's expert advice. Her workshops are fun and informational, with usable quick essential oil fixes to make life better in a multitude of ways. Aromatherapy, fab cleaning tips, apps for quick information and recipes for amazing scents are just a few of the great things she has brought to my life. I am so grateful!

 Mary Sobiechowski 

Kerry Mooney - testimonial for Nicola Cloherty


I've been using the oils for around a year now.  I went to a class Nicola held and I have to admit I was sceptical, however the information Nicola shared was really informative and interested me that I thought I would try some out.  If I used them for nothing else I knew I would love diffusing them as the smell at the class was divine!  I am always finding more uses for the oils and trying new ones, with a bit of advice from Nicola along the way.  So if you are thinking of trying essential oils I would defiantly recommend you contact Nicola to help you out!  

Kerry Mooney

Ginger de la Croix testimonial for Nicola Cloherty


​In July 2018, my interest was triggered to know more about Essentials oils.  There is a lot to find on the internet, but as I am more of a people person I was in need of a personal touch. A friend of mine found Nicola and she was happy to give us more information about doTERRA Essential Oils in a morning session at her house, how cool is that?! Nicola gave us a warm welcome and while preparing a nice cup of peppermint tea, she told us about her experiences with the oils. The questions we had were answered calmly and completely. Her experiences and enthusiasm made me feel excited about using the oils too.
All in all... if you want to know more about Essentials Oils and you also like a personal touch, Nicola is the right person for all your questions!

 ​Ginger de la Croix

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I'd love to connect with YOU. I'd also love for you to truly connect with YOU. I'll share ways you can become empowered, truly connected and supported by yourself firstly. 

I'll also share and educate you about the beautiful doTERRA essential oils , that have not only changed my life, but the lives of my friends and family.

If you're keen to get your grubby mitts on a natural alternative to medicines, household items like cleaning products, shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste, body wash, then drop me a note at nicola@loveandoranges.com or set up your own doTERRA account and let me support your journey.

I host run regular workshops and events - I'll be sure to keep you updated with my schedule and hope to see you soon!

Lots of love & oranges,

Nicola xxx

Nicola Cloherty - doTERRA essential oils educator