With a lot of love - starting with yourself - and a big inhale of orange, you can become who you truly are.

Hi, I'm Jessica

I would love to help you get your hands on a wellness lifestyle!

Hi, I'm Jessica and I am utterly passionate about giving people the space and time to live an empowered life that's balanced, healthy and fun.

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Love to Write?

Love essential oils?

​Want to incorporate the two?

I host  workshops that give participants the opportunity to create space to journal and free-write around a particular subjects.

We use the world's most pure, powerful and potent essential oils to tap into our thoughts, feelings and emotions - thanks to doTERRA.

We work through stuff as a collective in an intimate and safe space.

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Join me, as we create space to learn more about how you can choose to lead a more empowered life!

Empowered & Natural Living

If you want to up-level your overall lifestyle, let's talk about how. I run monthly workshops so you can learn the ins and outs of empowered living, and you get a special little present for attending. But most of all, you learn how to get doTERRA in your hands and life!

Journaling with oils

We meditate, we use aromas, and we write. And if you're open to it, we then share amongst the intimate and safe circle.

This workshop happens once a month.

In-home Workshops for your Friends & Family

I come to your home or workplace and run a workshop on how to live an empowered life with plant-based, natural health solutions.

I share more about doTERRA essential oils, and help you understand why purity and potency is so important. All you need to do is host it, invite your friends and family and I run the workshop. Interested? Drop me a line and let's get a date in the diary!

Emotional Support 

Ever explored the power of aromatic anchoring to support your emotional wellbeing? Did you know there are a number of ways you can support yourself during every step of your cycle?

We talk about the science of how aromas support us, how essential oils support our female hormones, how to cycle sync, emotions and the connection between heart, brain, and gut and their effect on mood and so much more!

Are you ready to give your mind, body & soul a dose of plant-based goodness?

Kick those chemical products to the curb and start with doTERRA today.

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I have had so many incredible experiences thanks to taking charge of mine and my family's health and wellness.” - Jessica Rabbit

Create the Life you Dream of!

Did you know that you can create a business via the world's most test and trusted essential oils?

Building a doTERRA business isn't going to make you a million bucks over night. It takes time and work.

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Would you like to know more?
By using these tiny bottles of pure, potent goodness AND by supporting doTERRA's global supply chain of farmers, growers and artisans to provide for their communities and loved ones, we are doing just that. 

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Joe Bloggs.


Add what others say and have experienced here.

Joe Bloggs.


Add what others say and have experienced here.

Joe Bloggs.

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Lots of love & oranges,

Jessica  xxx